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Recent Published Articles  & Presentations by Alexander A. Bove, Jr. (partial list):

  • Author:  Can Your Trust Become a “Dangerous Device”, Steve Leimberg’s Estate Planning Email Newsletter – March 2022
  • Author:  Trust Protector-The New Bodyguard for the Family Office, The International Family Offices Journal – March 2021
  • Panelist:  2020 IBA Virtual Annual Meeting – Walking the Tightrope:  Just Because It’s Legal, Does That Make It Right?
  • Presenter:  InterActive Legal:  Evolving Roles in Trust Planning:  Advising Fiduciaries, Non-Fiduciaries & those in Between, October 2020
  • Panelist:  Florida Bar Virtual Fall Conference – Advance Wealth Protection:  The Trust Protector – Trust(y) Watchdog or Expensive Exotic Pet, October 2020
  • Panalist:  ATEC Virtual Fall Meeting – The Ethics of Asset Protection Planning, October 2020
  • Author:  Are We Missing the Purpose of the Purpose Trust? Trusts & Estates, October 2020
  • Author:  Private Non-Charitable foundations in the U.S.,  Estate Planning, December 2019
  • Author:  The Purpose Trust Has A New PurposeProbate & Property July/August 2019
  • Author:  Building A Solid (Private) Foundation, Trusts & Estates, July 2018
  • Author:  Another Look at Trust Decanting.   Trusts & Trustees 2018
  • Author:  Can an Incompetant Make a Fraudulent Transfer? Estate Planning Magazine, February 2017.
  • Author:  Asset Protection – The Missing Chapter from the Family Office Manual, The International Family Office Journal, December 2016.
  • Co-Author:  The Purpose Trust Becomes a Work of Art, Estate Planning, October 2016.
  • Speaker:  “The Trust Protector: A mini-revolution in Trust Law” at the 42nd Annual Notre Dame Tax & Estate Planning Institute on October 27, 2016.
  • Webinar:  Trust Protectors & Asset Protection: What Techniques Can You Trust? American Law Institute September 21, 2016,   2- 3:30 p.m.
  • Author:  A Protector by Any Other Name, Estate Planning & Community Property Law Journal of Texas University School of Law, Spring 2016.
  • Co-Author: Trusts and Estates Forum, Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly 2002-present.
  • Author:  Death of a Trust, Trusts & Estates, February 2014.
  • Co-Author:  Selecting a Trust Protector, Trusts & Estates, February 2013.
  • Author:  Exporing the Trust Protector, Trusts & Estates, May 2012.
  • Author:  Is the Private Annunity Really Dead, Estate Planning, January 2012.
  • Co-Author: Self-Settled Trust and Similar Devices Under the Bankruptcy Code, October 12, 2011.
  • Author:  The Case Against the Trust Protector, Journal of the American College of Trust & Estate Counsel, Summer 2011.
  • Author: Using the Powers of Appointment to Protect Assets, Journal of the American College of Trusts and Estate Counsel, Fall 2010.
  • Author: Offshore Asset Protection Trusts, Trusts & Estates Magazine, November 2010.
  • Author: What’s It Like to Be Dead and What if You Came Back – The Legal Issues, Estate Planning Magazine, November 2010.
  • Author: Trusts vs. Private Foundations, Trusts & Estates Magazine, November 2009.
  • Author:  Trusts v. Non-Charitable Foundations, Trust & Estates, November 2009.
  • Author: Directing Discretion in Discretionary Trusts – Letters of Wishes, Journal of the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel. Summer 2009.
  • Co-Author: Handling the Risks of Foreign Bank Accounts, Estate Planning Magazine, July 2008.
  • Author: Trust Protector – Notre Dame Estate Planning Institute, September 2008.
  • Co-Author: The Foreign Bank Account Bomb – How to Defuse It, Estate Planning, 2008.
  • Author: The United States As An Offshore Asset Protection Trust Jurisdiction – The World’s Best Kept Secret?, Trusts & Trustees, Oxford Journals, 2008.
  • Author: The Swiss Annuity, Trusts & Estates Magazine, March 2007.
  • Author: Improving Your Form: Serious Oversights in Asset Protection Trusts And How to Avoid Them, Offshore Investment, May 2007.
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  • Author: Letters of Wishes Can Be Invaluable, Trusts & Estates, January 2006.
  • Author: Trust Protector – Friend or Fiduciary? Trusts & Estates, November 2005.
  • Author: The Growing Use of Trust Protectors: Are We Overprotected? Trusts & Trustees, September 2005.
  • Author: The Rise of the Purpose Trust, or Trusts Without Beneficiaries: Purpose Trusts for the Family Pet or the Family Business, Trust & Estates, August 2005.
  • Author: The United States Judge Tackles the “Now You See It – Now You Don’t” Strategy of Offshore Trusts, Trusts & Trustees, July/August 2005.
  • Author: Put Your Trust in Money or Put Your Money in Trust?, Published in Horizon Air Magazine, Paradigm Communications Group, April 2005.
  • Author: The Use of Purpose Trusts in the United States, selected by the American Bar Association for inclusion in “Best of ABA Sections,” GPSolo Magazine, March 2005.
  • Author: The Intra-Family Tax-Deferred Transactions Combined with a Variable Universal Life Policy, Estate Planning Magazine, February 2005.
  • Author: The Use of Purpose Trusts in the United States, Trusts & Trustees, July/August 2004.
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  • Author: Use of Powers of Appointment to Protect the Home, Estate Planning, January, 1997.
  • Financial/Legal Columnist: The Boston Globe, “Family Money” column, 1973-1995.
  • Author: You Can Create Your Own Dynasty with a Multigenerational Trust, Boston Globe, May 18th, 1995.
  • Author: Tax Planners Know They Must Use the Right Tool for the Right Job, Boston Globe, February 9th, 1995.
  • Author: Firms with Big Insurance Bills are Finding a Place in the Sun, Boston Globe, December 15th, 1994.
  • Author: The Value of an Experts Appraisal is Usually Worth the Price, Boston Globe’s Family Money 1994.