Expert Witness & Legal Consultation

Partners of our firm are frequently called upon by litigation attorneys to testify as expert witnesses or to evaluate the merits of a case. Both of these services are typically provided in disputes involving the law of trusts (domestic and offshore), wills and will contests, taxation, and related subjects. The issues involving trusts may, for example, include analysis of a beneficiary’s interest in a trust, whether trust assets mExpert Witness || Alexander Boveay be reachable by creditors of the beneficiary or of the creator of the trust, whether the trust assets may be considered a part of the marital estate, whether an irrevocable trust may be revoked or amended. Similarly, our testimony is often valuable to establish “best practice” techniques and to evaluate professional performance in estate and tax planning situations where claims for malpractice are made, whether in drafting, in recommendations, or in rendering fiduciary or legal services to the client. In any event, our excellent credentials and years of relevant experience amply qualify us to carry out thoughtful analyses and, when serving as witness, to present convincing testimony of our opinion.


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